What’s holding you back?
March 29, 2018

When Darrell discovered some exercises that would alleviate at least some pain in what we call his volleyball shoulder, I doubted he’d stick with them. He’s a hard worker, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’m the glutton in the family. I’ve rarely been introduced to a punishing form of discipline -- like fasting -- I didn’t eventually embrace.

Darrell’s been faithful to his exercises, and the shoulder pain’s eased accordingly.

I continue to do all the things. The weights, the fasting, the relentless devotion to so many work projects that keep me engaged but under the radar.

When I hit the pillow, though, it’s rare I’ve put in any time on the one project I’ve decided is the most important right now. I’m not sure what’s going on. My guess? I can measure the progress on other fronts -- workouts, radio, writing -- so it feels like I’m getting somewhere. This new thing? I could spend hours a day on it for a year with no guarantee I’ll get anywhere. So I do nothing. Worse, I talk about doing nothing. Here, for example.

drink photoThere are two kinds of alcoholics, a friend once told me. The kind who refuses to admit he is. That person can’t be helped. But the person who admits it? That one has a chance.

I’ve been buckling under what Steven Pressfield would call Resistance. Admitting it is the first step. Shutting the hell up about it until I’ve wrangled it is the next.

I’ll keep you posted. Eventually!