Do you delegate wisely?
March 21, 2018

Creativity happens when your brain feels safe or when its watchdog function is busy with a routine task like driving.”

That explains why I get so much work done while driving or running or even showering. Which reminds me what Katie told Darrell after he asked if she usually takes a bath or a shower. “A shower,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll take a bath afterward if I have a lot of work to do.” I laughed before I realized how pragmatic her approach is.

If you want to supercharge those creativity surges in the shower or on the road, work the problem first. Show the heavens you’re serious. Put in the time -- in the lab, in the workshop, in front of the screen -- and after however many hours you can say, “I’m stuck. You take over. Forces that I don’t understand can take the reins for a little while.”

Mysterious, sure. But effective!