How do you let off steam?
March 16, 2018

A guy I used to know introduced me to the concept of running to stay in shape. He did it for fun. Had he ever met a 5K he didn’t sign up for? To look at his closet filled with souvenir T-shirts, apparently not.

When his job got stressful he’d come home from work, change into his running clothes, and jog for ten miles. Ten miles! Running, to him, was as natural as reaching for the remote is to other people.

BixIt was inevitable I’d become a runner myself. Right? The next time you’re at the mall, try this exercise (so to speak). Notice families, or groups of friends, or just couples. You might find, as I do, that slender people run in packs -- and so do overweight people. There’s science behind that, if memory serves.

It’s one more reason to choose your companions carefully.