Who’s in your corner?
January 11, 2018

more flowersA gal I used to know not only survived a traumatic childhood but transcended it. I loved hanging around her. She was well-adjusted and happy, and she brought out the best in me.

One day I asked how she did it. How did she emerge from such chaos so intact?

She credited her husband. They’d married young, and he’d been a continuing education class on emotional health. They were a great team. I spent a lot of time with them over the course of many years, and it was always such a treat.

They remind me of someone I started working with recently. She’s helping me reach a broader audience. She describes me in terms so flattering I’m tempted to look over my shoulder to make sure she is, indeed, corresponding with me. I’m tempted to reply to the latest with, “Ha! That’s a good one.”

Instead I’ve considered the possibility that, given how much this gal gets right, there might be at least a morsel of truth about what she says about even me.

Yeah, I know. Self-esteem’s an inside job. But if a friend inspires you to look at yourself through a kinder lens, do yourself and her a favor. Live up to that image.