How do you celebrate?
December 4, 2017

My editor, Candace Johnson, is a sweetheart. When we put The Willpower Workaround up for sale, she offered to help promote it. She sent me a list of questions I could answer at my leisure, and she’d post those answers on her site whenever I gave her the okay.

It took a while. Not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I did. I saved the Q&A for a special occasion. Toward the end of September I had quite the one-two punch of champagne-worthy developments. Katie and I pulled off a birthday surprise for Darrell that was straight out of a movie. Talk about a memorable scene! The kickoff to that weekend was so off-the-charts special that people I barely know get tears in their eyes when they hear about it.

Not even a week later, Katie was in touch with news of something all three of us had pinned so many hopes on we could barely acknowledge those lest we tempt fate.

“No matter what,” I told Candace, “I am rewarding myself with that Q&A.” So I did. I cranked up some of my favorite songs in my headphones and luxuriated in her great questions. Had I ever had this much fun? Well, yes. See the previous two paragraphs! But this was different. It was my oasis, a way to bask in my own story.

A guest on the show told me there’s a “joyful exuberance” to my work. I’d like to think so! People like Candace make it easy.