Do you read and follow label directions?
November 28, 2017

It gets more fascinating every time I hear it. People come home from the hospital with doctor’s orders to do this or that (to stay alive!) and then…nothing. They ignore their doctor’s orders.

More fascinating, to me, is how often they make fun of the rest of us for taking care of ourselves.

I don’t get it. Some things are easy! Not all back pain, for example, is debilitating. Keep stretching -- all day, every day. That might be all you need to keep the pain at bay. But if you don’t try it, you won’t know.

If you hold yourself in a sitting pose against the wall for at least a couple of minutes most days of the week, you’ll strengthen the muscles around your knees. If your knee pain is mild, or if you’re trying to guard against even that, voilà. You know, maybe.

I’ve eliminated the pain in my right hand by switching simple tasks, like tweezing, to my left hand.

Some problems are easily solved. What could it hurt to experiment with that idea?