Were you warned?
September 7, 2017

rosesEver heard of a starter marriage? I had one. Had I paid more attention to at least a couple of signs before the big day, things might’ve been different. Maybe not different better. This was one of my stops on the way to becoming Katie’s mom, after all. Worth it!

I don’t know if time heals all wounds, but it certainly healed this one. The proof is in my ability to look back and laugh at other signs I was in trouble. When the starter husband and I moved into a house, for example -- the last address we’d share -- the master bedroom was too small to accommodate our furniture. I kept thinking, “This cannot be good.”

Come to think of it, there was some laughter as the relationship wound down. That’s how I knew I’d be okay, eventually. I could still laugh, occasionally. Which reminds me of something I heard several weeks ago and still find hilarious. It’s from my friend Brooks Palmer: “Whatever doesn’t kill you helps educate the thing that eventually will.”