How do you forgive yourself?
September 5, 2017

The most difficult thing about being Katie’s mom is letting her see how much I still have to learn.

On the one hand, it’s great. I’m still learning! On the other? She shot past me on so many fronts years ago, and it’s embarrassing to have her so far ahead.

It makes her feel pretty good about herself, though. When she helps me break a bad habit -- like apologizing out of habit -- it reinforces her already healthy self-image.

And, really. Who better to polish me than her? There’s no ulterior motive with Kate, no hidden agenda. We help each other be the best versions of ourselves. It seems silly to worry I’m getting more out of the arrangement than she is.

I do wonder how it’s possible for someone to be that much younger and wiser. Then I remember Katie had certain advantages growing up. To listen to her and Darrell tell it, chief among those was…me. That’s why being a parent is healing. You give your life over to someone, and she inspires a better version of it. Everybody wins.