Are you ahead of your time?
August 30, 2017

Five years ago I offered to give my first presentation on what would become The Willpower Workaround. I’d been free of junk food for almost three years at that point, and I was eager to share what I’d been learning. “It’s too specific to you,” the woman said, “and requires willpower most people don’t have.” I thanked her for the consideration. And I thought, “She’ll come around. This actually requires less willpower. She’ll see.”

She did come around. A couple of years later, as a matter of fact. I teased her about needing -- what? -- science to catch up with me. Seriously. Sugar’s widely regarded as addictive now, but you didn’t hear much about that in those days. When I gave my presentation at her library, she was as delighted by the turnout as I was by the interest.

And, hey. I should probably give the gal credit for inspiring that book title I love so much. Nothing says “I don’t have unlimited willpower,” after all, like needing a workaround for it!