How often do you make lemonade?
July 5, 2017

Once upon a time Darrell and I got tired of our annual tradition of making two hundred dozen sugar cookies from scratch. Two hundred dozen. We’d thought about quitting, but could never bring ourselves to do it. Then one October weekend -- we had to start baking in October to get everyone cookies by Christmas -- we baked sixty dozen in two days. I was on the floor late that Sunday, trying to clean up a sugar spill -- which you can never quite do because it’s sugar.

I looked up at Darrell while still on my knees (appropriately) and asked what he thought about making that our last year. He was all for it.

And that was it. That was the end of our run.

I don’t know how soon we would’ve moved on otherwise, but since then I’ve associated an unexpected hassle with the possibility of a better life.

The afternoon I wrote this post I was fresh off a major sea salt spill. I know, what is it with me and white granular substances? I thought the usual: “Oh, great. Like I need this today, blah blah.” Then I remembered the vacuum cleaner I love but resist using because it’s such a hassle to extract from the pantry (or what passes for a pantry). “What if,” I thought, “I started over with that part of the house and not only cleaned up the salt -- with that vacuum! -- but made the pantry more functional while I’m at it?”

I wax smug about using housework as meditation but I never crave more of it. Taking care of a spill gives me the same thing I had before, a clean pantry. Giving that pantry a makeover while I’m at it? Now we’re talking.

When life hands you lemons, as they say, make it easier to make lemonade!