Do you leave anything to the imagination?
July 4, 2017

By the time my life’s winding down -- and with it, this blog -- will there be any stories left unshared? Oh, yes. But I forgive you for wondering! I’ve told many hundreds already.

I feel safe sharing as much as I do by not posting them in chronological order. Once in a while I make an exception -- like in Do-Over. But it’s usually random, not chronological.

That’s how you get to know most anyone, isn’t it?

When people ask you on a first date or in a job interview to tell them a little bit about yourself, you don’t start with “I was born in Omaha, Nebraska” unless you don’t want a second date or the job. It’s boring. They might eventually suggest you start at the beginning and tell them everything, but only after they’ve feasted on the popcorn popper version of your best anecdotes.

In the meantime? Conversation is a dance. Let other people have the fun of leading. They’ll love you for it.