Why do you share what you share?
May 12, 2017

170413 TwitterThe Container Store’s my favorite. There’s nothing I love more than the perfect container. I don’t even need it to contain something. Some of my favorite boxes are empty at the moment. They represent potential!

That’s one reason I love Twitter. It’s a place to put my lines. Twitter’s my Tupperware. It’s a little Tupperware party all day long. Some of my favorite (read: silly) people bopping in and out, sharing whatever catches their fancy. Nothing catches my fancy like the turn of a phrase.

So when Darrell apologized for bragging and I teased him about that coming with the marriage, package deal that it is, I thought it was worth sharing. Darrell isn’t the first person, I was sure, who wanted to linger on something that had worked: getting what he needed from someone without being pushy at all. When he hesitated to share, it broke my heart.

What’s the point of being married if you aren’t going to share the little wins? You have to celebrate them. You have to. They’ll keep you going on your quest for the bigger wins. And if you never bag the big win? You had fun along the way. Which you can put in the win column!

What I shared on Twitter was a bite-sized version of this. Bonus feature? You have a quick way of reassuring your beloved there’s no need to apologize for basking. You can quote me on that!