How do you lay down new grooves?
February 28, 2017

“Don’t give up, Mom!”

That was Katie, watching another Tetris game about to unravel. But guess what? It didn’t! I didn’t give up, and it didn’t unravel. Well, it did eventually. But you know what I mean.

I hadn’t fancied myself an “oh, to hell with it” gal who bails when all might be lost. I fancy myself more the Tom Brady type, who explained how he’d engineered quite the historic Super Bowl win this year: “That’s why you play until the end.”

But you need a coach. Even, or perhaps especially, when it comes to the silly. Except Tetris isn’t silly, is it? It’s life. Yes, you can afford more mistakes early in the game. No, you don’t have any control over what pieces you get. But you can get better and better, have lots of fun -- and have a really, really good run.