Who sees your potential?
February 26, 2017

KBNPOnce upon a time my radio work consisted of The Career Clinic vignette, and that was it. It was a fine little program, and it left lots of time to write books and be a good mom.

Then one day the general manager at our affiliate in Portland told Darrell and me if we ever did a talk show based on The Career Clinic, he’d pick it up. So we did, and he did.

The rest is history. Well, sort of. But a lot of fun? Most definitely. And we have Keith Lyons and Sam Moskovic to thank for it.

I could have a thousand affiliates and never get quite the same thrill of adding that second one. Just as Katie made Darrell and me a family, KBNP made what became Doing What Works a national talk show.

Go ahead. Make the leap. If you’re lucky, you’ll have friends like Sam and Keith reassuring you it was the right thing to do.