Do you dabble in the diabolical?
February 8, 2017

I will leave a room when the topic goes negative.”

That’s Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who doesn’t apologize for it. Isn’t that interesting?

Scott says he floods his mind with fascinating mental puzzles and challenges -- usually work-related -- so there isn’t space for negative thoughts. “The brain likes to focus on one thing at a time,” Scott says. “So I make sure it is focusing where I want it. I never let my mind wander to bad territory. When I feel it happening I either change what I am doing or I flood my brain with stronger thoughts that have more emotional firepower.”

Scott suggests you inventory your well-adjusted friends. Chances are they take really good care of themselves. They’re careful about even the seemingly insignificant bursts of ugly.

I used to apologize for being relentlessly upbeat, which makes me think I should apologize for that.